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WTI develops and shares information to raise awareness and understanding of Tribal needs and interests, as well as options for Colorado River policy and governance. In addition to maintaining this web site, providing keynote talks at selected conferences, workshops, and other public events, WTI conducts research and writing on selected topics and publishes policy briefs, articles, and other documents.

The resources below include WTI’s signature policy briefs as well as some additional resources relevant to the two objectives of WTI.


Policy Briefs

Policy Brief 1.jpg

Policy Brief #1

June 2019

The Enduring Role of Tribes in the Colorado River Basin


Policy Brief #4.JPG

Policy Brief #4

April 2021

The Status of Tribal Water Rights in the Colorado River Basin


Policy Brief #2

October 2019

Tribal Water Study: An Overview

Showalter 6 copy.jpeg

Policy Brief #5

August 2022

Developing the Next Framework to Manage the Colorado River: Flexible Tools to Benefit Tribes and the Basin

Policy Brief #3.jpg

Policy Brief #3

October 2020

A Common Vision for the Colorado River System: Toward a Framework for Sustainability

Policy Briefs
Annual Basinwide
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Other Reports & Resources
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